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You Can Cheat Sometimes you can "cheat" a size by going a little larger, especially with minimal shoes that are meant give room for feet to stretch and spread.

We see a lot of kids in our showroom at the end of the summer in need of new school shoes.

A sandal with an open toe, however, will give more room for the toes and can sometimes prolong the life of a shoe by almost another size.

We see this frequently during the summer with kids in our workshop.

Visitors to our workshop will often notice kids racing across our showroom under close observation. Open-Toed Sandals are Awesome Toes pushing against the front seam of a shoe are a strong sign that a shoe is too small.

It's important to give space for those tiny footsies to spread, as constricting feet can lead to a multitude of foot problems.

Our experienced customer service elves spend a good portion of every day helping parents find just the right size to get the most use out of a shoe before those tiny toes are bursting at the seams. Not all children hit growth spurts at the same time.

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