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It's easy and economical to build, carries a big load, and demonstrates uncanny performance under oars or sail.While the Northeaster Dory has found fans on five continents and amassed an impressive catalog of adventures, six years of flat-out Northeaster Dory production has led to an accumulation of requests for modifications and variants. Harris, who resisted the temptation to complicate the original design.At least one major part of Lauren Conrad's book is longer unwritten; The Hills and Laguna Beach alumna has just become a mother!Lauren and her husband, William Tell, welcomed a son named Liam James Tell on Wednesday, July 5, a source confirmed moments ago.The stock Northeaster Dory is a terrific rowing and sailing boat, and I mean to keep it that way." To make room for an outboard motor, and to provide the built-in storage and buoyancy that are the hallmarks of a thoroughgoing expedition boat, the Northeaster Dory was stretched from 17 feet to 18'10" and the beam increased six inches, to 5'2".The dominant feature of the Southwester Dory's interior is the bench seating along the sides of the boat.They also make great comfortable seats---no sitting on the floor!

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Traditional dories have narrow sterns, so you simply cannot hang an engine there.Lauren announced her pregnancy in similar fashion to her son's birth, sharing a sonogram on the first day of this calendar year. I have a feeling 2017 is going to be the best year yet..." Conrad wrote as a caption to that special image.In a 2015 blog post, she responded in a Q&A about how many kids she wants to have with her husband. "That way we aren't outnumbered." Time will tell if that changes, but we're fairly certain in saying she, William and Liam will be one incredibly happy family for now.The compartments below the seats are filled with foam and provide 844 pounds of positive flotation.The wooden Southwester Dory is unsinkable already, but the flotation chambers make it easy to self-rescue from a serious mishap.In 2014 we shipped our 500th Northeaster Dory design.


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