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And now I can't really go collect these things because I don't have the strength.I need to save it for other things, like going to see (the ballet) Giselle again.The trim 66-year-old, who wrote some of the most enduring folk-rock tracks of the 20th century, is still politically engaged and concerned with many “big” issues – climate change, the nuclear industry and America’s gun laws – but he also has a healthy sense of humour (he does an adroit Ronald Reagan impression) when we meet in the bedroom of a plush hotel overlooking Kensington Gardens.Browne’s latest album, Standing in the Breach, is his 14th in a solo career that began with 1972’s .He emphasises that the National Rifle Association is “too strong”, that Barack Obama “hasn’t taken much of a stance” and that the weapons manufacturers “saturate the media with their messages”.“There have been about 37 gun massacres since Sandy Hook where 20 children were murdered, they happen all the time, it’s not even news any more,” Browne maintains.“Now you have people turning up in supermarkets with fully loaded assault weapons because they have the legal right to do it.””, for instance, is whimsical (“my mother married an oxygenarian ladies man”), political (“I keep on hearing ’bout the disappearing ozone layer”) and, ultimately, poignant, finishing on the line “I figure I’ll be doing some disappearing myself”.“You need isolation and you need a certain amount of room, you need a buffer zone, sometimes you just need a girlfriend. Homeless.”Browne, who has been married twice, to model Phyllis Major (who committed suicide in 1976) and Australian model Lynne Sweeney (whom he divorced in 1982), has been with environmental activist Dianna Cohen since the 1990s and climate issues are very close to his heart.

His close friend Bruce Springsteen inducted him into the Hall of Fame in 2004 with the spicy line, “Jackson was a bona fide rock’n’roll sex star”, and a tribute album to Browne, , featuring Springsteen, the Eagles’ Don Henley, and Bonnie Raitt, was released early this year.“In my country, and it’s not necessarily true here [in the UK], musicians are accorded a certain amount of time and you can keep on doing it,” he maintains – and he is impassioned on the subject of a musician honing their craft.“It takes a lot of time to get to be a musician, you have to spend a lot of time practising what looks like nothing to other people, to make it look like you’re not doing anything,” he emphasises.

Joe has played with many of the top names in music during a career dating back to the 1970s.

To name a few: Ted Nugent, Joe Walsh, The Eagles, Barnstorm, Michael Stanley, Peter Frampton, Jackson Browne, John Fogerty, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, … As soon as Stef received the drum files from him, it was the confirmation that John and Stef knew that Joe was the right drummer for this track. Additionally: Vocals / Percussion / Keyboards / Flute Joe Vitale is a veteran musician whose career has spanned over thirty years of touring, recording, and song writing and production with legendary and Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Fame artists. A dedicated professional, his quality of performance is evident in his resume.

“Alternative energy is extremely do-able, it’s the more holistic and sustainable thing to do, he adds.

“Nuclear power can’t even survive in the market place without government subsidies.”He’s frustrated with big business, such as agrochemical firm Monsanto, the recent nuclear renaissance (“none of which addresses the waste problem”), and even the concept of democracy (“there’s the possibility that democracy doesn’t work, that it’s not viable”), citing Socrates who was “not in favour of democracy”.


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