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After hearing testimony Monday afternoon, Circuit Judge David Wolfe sentenced Beechum to the maximum of four years each on the three rape charges and two years for the sexual battery charge.

The judge ruled that the three four-year sentences should be served consecutively, and the two-year term would be served concurrently with the others, for an effective 12-year sentence.

In the time since the charges, the girl claimed Beechum has tried to intimidate her, and said his wife also had threatened her, which Helen Beechum denied in later testimony.“It’s scary when someone says they are obsessed with you, and they can’t help them self when they are anywhere near you,” she said of Tommy Beechum.

“That’s not something you normally hear from somebody.”She also recalled an encounter with Beechum at a previous hearing in Dickson County, in which he stared intently stared at her outside the courtroom.

When Mia was 16, she walked out of a Houston children's emergency shelter. When her mother went to prison, other relatives took her in.She was brutally punished in some of those places — thrown to the ground and restrained, made to stand on milk crates for hours — and sexually assaulted. She wound up in the emergency room twice for suicidal thoughts.After Mia ran from one foster care facility, police found her in a park; she told them she had been having sex for money.By the time she was 10, behavioral problems landed Mia in a psychiatric hospital.That's where a state-appointed lawyer told her, as gently as she could, that the aunt and uncle Mia had been living with no longer wanted her. For the next six years, she cycled through 19 different homes and institutions.Like too many kids in the state's care, she disappeared into the underworld of sex trafficking.


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