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I have used community builder to setup a simple dating system on my site Ofcourse it required a bit of tweaking and code hacks to customize it to my needs.

Initialy i tried using community builder advanced search, however it did not seem to be much flexible or i was just too lazy to go through all its documentation and learn how exactly it works.

We provided the tools for your users to present themselves in a perfect, all-encompassing way.

Our Dating Joomla Templates are easy to install and manage. If you have any questions regarding the shopping process, template customization or anything similar, please contact us via chat box bellow. Preview the Live Demos of our Dating Joomla Templates, and chose the one that will be a perfect match!

Datoo is a PHP-based dating script and the easiest way to start your own dating website/Badoo clone in just minutes!

It has been built from the ground up to provide users with an excellent experience.

AT Dating Joomla Template is the perfect solution, both for those building their own dating site and for designers building on behalf of clients.

So, it turned out to be a better idea to modify the existing thing to suit my needs than swithing over to a total different setup.The code is light, clean and with the core being OOP-based, it is easy to maintain and customize. the Russian/Ukrainian marriage agencies, dating services and mail order brides.Competition is fierce, and a good looking online presence can help them choose your services instead of your competitors'.That is why we designed numerous Dating Joomla Templates and all you need to do is pick the right one.As per my point of view, joomla is very flexible and u can come up with any kind of website solution using this package without having to be worried about developing the thing from scratch and dealing with issues like security and and connectivity when u have all that already setup.


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