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As is common with any chartered cruise, the tour operators also plan entertainment, events and excursion that are unique to their particular cruise.It is very common to have top Broadway performers, comedians and drag queens as part of the line-up on all-gay cruises.It is likely a combination of factors, including that a cottage industry of all-gay chartered cruises was created more than 30 years ago, exposing an entire community to the pleasures of an oceangoing vacation.One might also wonder: Are there any particular differences between straight and gay sea-goers?Gay men and lesbians have been passengers on cruise ships since the first commercial cruise line began, more than 100 years ago.Since then, the popularity of cruising among LGBT travelers has only grown.LGBT travelers considering a standard cruise generally can be assured a welcoming experience.As previously noted, the cruise industry has become more aware, accepting and welcoming of its LGBT passengers.

Similar to the all-gay cruises, participants are ensured they will be among at least some other LGBT cruisers.

The special programming is also why the price of all-gay cruises is often significantly higher than a standard cruise.

In addition to RSVP Vacations, the major tour operators of all-gay chartered cruises include Atlantis Events, Brand G Vacations, Source Events and Olivia.

In addition, the tour operator will usually include some specialized amenities, such as private "welcome aboard" cocktail parties, group dining arrangements and special shore excursions.

The tour operator might even include an onboard host to help facilitate group activities and socializing.


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