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Click download to get to the download client page, or back to it.You can choose to download with Search Protect, giving you an extra 1,000 credits, or you can download without it.You are going to be able to turn your online gaming into something far more exciting and wondrous than it normally is.

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You have probably come across an advertisement at one point, or even looked into it.He or she will move and look around, waiting for you to do something. If you have been here before, it will feel similar. IMVU has not done much to update their website over the years, relying on its simple design and focusing more on their downloadable client as well as adding more features.Before you make any choices, however, check out the options. On the main page, these are some of your options: Both the client and the website are simple and straightforward.IMVU is similar to The Sims in only a few ways, but fans of one might like the other. They have their similarities and players of one might enjoy the other, but they are far from identical. Choose your default avatar, put in basic information, and continue. There is a download button on the website, as well, if you already have an account or wanted to check out the site instead.You can dress up an avatar any way that you like, you have access to items made by a community of players, and you can speak with people on message boards. On the top of every page, you will see your username and you will see Account, Download, and Help.You can complete a survey, watch a video, or sign up for a deal.


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