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But we've learned now we need to maybe have some (more) canopy trees.'' , Dec. Maxpreps is a division of CBS Sports and focuses on high school sports coverage. 23, 2017-Chancellor Jim Kyle Wednesday issued a temporary restraining order which allows Ryan Boyce and James Wiseman to play on the East High boys basketball team until a further ruling by the court. The TSSAA is the organization that ruled the players were ineligible earlier this week.lawsuit in Shelby County Chancery Court in an effort to overturn a ruling by the Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association that declared two East High boys basketball players ineligible this seasonfor the current season by the body overseeing public high school sports in the state.Fed Ex will route the payments at a rate of ,000.Although the proposed agreement indicates Fed Ex will not be responsible for other cots related to the equipment, Vince Mc Caskill, Executive Director of School Seed, says not only will Fed Ex provide updates for the equipment during the term of the agreement but he believes this is the first of donations likely to come from Fed Ex for East Highs T-STEM program.Recently added to this page: Jasmin Barnes ('97) obituary; Dorcas Young ('95\) to become county community services director; court continues to allow basketball players play despite TSSAA saying they are ineligible; Katherine Hinds (Faculty 1954-55) obituary; Virginia Litton (class associationg undetermined) obituary; school board approves aviation lab equipment agreement in return for Fed Ex naming rights; Jim Beaty ('65) obituary; newspaper: David Williams ('71) leads effort to add trees to Parkway medians , 38, died Friday, December 8. While he said he appreciated Fed Ex and wanted East to receive the equipment, he didnt think advertising to captive students was appropriate nor was preferential access to students. At the boards Capital Needs & Facilities Committee Meeting Monday afternoon Nov. Friday, December 15 at Harrison's Memorial Chapel, Memphis. In he meantime, Ryan Boyce and James Wiseman may continue to play with the East High boys basketball team. 14, 2017-Update: the actual legal instrument ordered by the court Dec. During the public comments portion of the boards meeting, spoke against the agreement. Funeral services follow at noon,at the church., 85, of Memphis, died Friday, December 8. is in line to become the next director of Director of Shelby Countys Community Services Division.

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The Memphis CBS affiliate produced an article and TV story about Le Kae. 27 brings a high fashion show from her New York business, Harlem's Fashion Row, to Memphis November 4 at Clayborn Temple.

This issue seems to go to ethical and administrative aspects which supersede simple sports reports, therefore this coverage.] Delayed report, 64, of Bartlett, Tennessee, died September 2, 2017. "De Soto County [Mississippi] is looking to adopt a program that has seen significant success in Memphis.

The program pairs high school students with college students--giving high school students a chance to learn education and life skills.

Figured it was probably the East High alumnus but wasnt sure until he mentioned the name of a donor as being his friend, October 12, 2017 - As The East High Alumni Page digs deeper into the ACT scores, comparisons are made with leading public high schools in the county as well as with the ACT "career and college ready" benchmarks. October 11, 2017 - First Glance: Average composite ACT score at East rises almost a full point.

The 2016-2017 average composite ACT score at East was 16.6. While this is a fairly significant improvement, it still is far below the college ready level.


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