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She says local authorities fear that her son has been kidnapped.'All of (the information) is leading to the conclusion that Jesse, somehow, was abducted,' Clamen told the Toronto Sun.'It is really the only plausible theory at this point, because nobody really disappears into thin air.' The investigation into Galganov's disappearance appears to be centered on the hostel where he stayed in Huaraz, Kame House.Authorities also know that Galgavnov did not show up for his bus back to Lima on October 2, or use his ticket for an October 5 flight to Bolivia.Friends and family say he was on a strict budget, so it was unlike him to deviate from his meticulously planned agenda.28, when he texted to say he was planning to hike the Cordillera Blanca mountains and would be unreachable for about four days.When days went by without any contact, she knew something was wrong and began the ongoing campaign to find her missing son.Other employees at the hostel also gave various reports of when he arrived and left the hostel.The hostel is now under investigation by the local District Attorney's office.

However, they said the fact that he was using a different network while in Peru means that they don't have much information to give.'We don’t have location information on our partner networks when customers are roaming, but will certainly provide anything else we can to help,' T-Mobile told Global News.

He left his home in Montreal on September 24 for a solo eight-month backpacking trip through South America and Southeast Asia.

But just days after arriving in Peru, he disappeared without a trace.

'All these people are offering their help, and yet i have Apple, Amazon, and T-Mobile who are not only not offering their help, they’re impeding us,' Clamen said.

'I’m incredulous, I just cannot believe that these companies are not being co-operative, when the life a 22 year old man is at stake.'In a statement to Global News, Apple said: 'As we do with emergency requests from law enforcement, we have immediately responded to legal requests for information from U.


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