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“Men were slightly more likely to find smokers unattractive, though women weren’t far behind,” according to the survey, “with 54 percent saying smoking has a negative impact on attractiveness.” To find out where you should smoke and when should you consider pulling a Kojak , read the full report here.

Created Variables Child Trends, Inc., created three variables related to sexual activity for release with the round 4 data set: FP_SEXEVER. All are included in the main file data set; see the In the self-administered section of the youth instrument, all respondents are asked whether they have ever been on a date or unsupervised social outing with a member of the opposite sex.

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Rounds 2 and up also included a question that specifically asked whether respondents used a condom that first time.But, only 5 percent of fellow smokers preferred dating another smoker, so the tar-filled dating pool is pretty shallow.You do have a few options: join a smokers-only dating site, go the less offensive e-cigarette/vaping route or unlock the tobacco shackles and quit.Starting in round 16, respondents were asked the gender of their recent sexual partners: exclusively male, exclusively female, or some of each.The same respondents eligible for questions on sexual activity also answer questions on pregnancies in the self-administered section.Children age 15 and older have also provided information on contraceptive use since 1994.


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