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For many of them this is the way they know and choose to perform their religion.One of course should not be surprised if the Ayatollahs and the zealots condemn these behaviors.Others talk about the necessity of Lutheran reforms in Shia Islam.But Iranian people are going their own way and are playing in a ring of so-called contradictions; they remember some things and forget others; they tightly cling to dogmas and easily let go of others.Interestingly, the secular and the anti-religion critics have taken more offense.

They point out to the evidence such as, increasing pre-martial relations, parties in which the young mingle with the opposite sex, consumption of alcohol and the daily resistances of Iranian girls against compulsory dress codes in public are among the issues these opponents shed light on.

These critics share a similar reading of Islam with the fundamentalists': There is only one type of Islam in which a woman cannot pray while wearing lipstick.

One group makes its claim in the name of Islam; the other in defense of lipstick --as if there is only one path to salvation.

Both the repressive and ideological apparatus of the state implemented these policies to the point that every Iranian through out his or her life receives a high dose of religious training via educational curriculum and media.

At the same time, every Iranian knows that displaying indifference towards strict Islamic laws, particularly in public, could have severe punishment.


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