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This was his second special treatise against the Arabian commentator, the first having been written in 1256, under the title "De Unitate Intellectus Contra Averroem".

Two editions of Albert's complete works (Opera Omnia) have been published; one at Lyons in 1651, in twenty-one folio volumes, edited by Father Peter Jammy, O. The following list indicates the subjects of the various treatises, the numbers referring to the volumes of Borgnet's edition. "Meteororum" (4); "Mineralium" (5); "De Natura locorum", " De passionibus aeris" (9).

Thomas Aquinas and Peter of Tarentasia (afterwards Pope Innocent V ), he drew up rules for the direction of studies, and for determining the system of graduation, in the Order.

In the year 1260 he was appointed Bishop of Ratisbon.

Exegetical : "Commentaries on the Psalms and Prophets" (15-19); "Commentaries on the Gospels" (20-24); "On the Apocalypse" (38). The "Quindecim problemata contra Averroistas" was edited by Mandonnet in his "Siger de Brabant" (Freiburg, 1899).

The authenticity of the following works is not established: "De apprehensione" (5); "Speculum astronomicum" (5); "De alchimia" (38); Scriptum super arborem Aristotelis" (38); "Paradisus animae" (37); "Liber de Adhaerendo Deo" (37); "De Laudibus B. The influence exerted by Albert on the scholars of his own day and on those of subsequent ages was naturally great. In a word, his appreciation of Aristotle is critical.


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