Who is patti smith dating

Continuing to write and perform her poetry around New York, including at the legendary Max's Kansas City, Patti Smith and Lenny Kaye combined their collective and varied musical roots and her improvised poetry.

Their independent single release featured Tom Verlaine.

Mark's Church in-the-Bowery on the Lower East Side, accompanied by Lenny Kaye on guitar.

That same year she co-wrote and performed the play with playwright Sam Shepard.

Smith described their work as "three chords merged with the power of the word." Smith was signed by Clive Davis to his fledgling Arista label and recorded four albums: (produced by Todd Rundgren).

In October 1979, Smith retired from the public eye and moved to Detroit with Fred "Sonic" Smith.

The trio helped to open up a restricted music scene that centered on the club CBGB in New York City.

After recruiting guitarist Ivan Kral, they played CBGB for eight weeks in the spring of 1975, and then they added drummer Jay Dee Daugherty to the group.

I bet this is Sam Shepard and I bet he's a total dick."I was right, and so was Robert Mapplethorpe.We've debated whether or not Sam Shepard is a hot playwright on this blog before. I say no, only because I suspected he was an a-hole. Patti Smith and Sam dated for a while before Patti knew who Sam actually was.He went by the name "Slim" (ugh, how pretentious) and Patti had no idea he was an Obie winning playwright. it burns me up that Jackie Curtis would be star struck by Sam Shepard when Jackie Curtis is JACKIE FUCKING CURTIS.I don't know, it just makes me sad when the world doesn't remember the right artists and SO often those artists are queer artists.If I had a nickel for each of them, to quote a John Waters' movie, "I'd buy a big purple Cadillac and drive around and laugh at poor people." Anyway. Patti continued to date Sam even after his whole weird "not telling her who he is" thing. Then she found out he had a young wife and a new born baby at home. Okay, I know a lot of the blame must be placed on Patti for going along with all of this, but she wasn't the liar. Ladies, if your oldest friend in the world doesn't like your new boyfriend, chances are your boyfriend is a total dick.She was born in Chicago in 1946, the eldest of four siblings, and was raised in South Jersey.


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