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Ooredoo reserves the right to ban users who use abusive / defamatory language.

Instant Messaging (IM) is a popular way for young people to communicate both on the computer and on the cell phone.

Have your child identify IM buddies on his or her list and explain the nature of his or her relationship with each (classmates, sports teammate, etc.).

The screen above on the right is the screen the system uses to send messages.

This program allows users to instantly communicate via typed messages.

They can also exchange files, make phone calls from the computer, and communicate via video, depending on their computer type and software.

This eliminates awkward conversational pauses, embarrassing fumbles for the right words, and the more intimidating aspects of face-to-face encounters.

IM code language allows for quick, precise communication.

Remember, while you can monitor the family computer's use at home, keep in mind that kids have access to the Internet in a variety of other places - at the homes of friends, at school, at public libraries, etc.

Consequently, an unsuspecting child can effectively place himself or herself in a position to receive unsolicited offers of sex, pornography, and other dubious material.

Children must know the potential dangers of Instant Messaging to understand why they need to be cautious about how they use it.

You can protect your child by: If your child engages in inappropriate conversations in chat rooms or in private Instant Message conversations, you may consider changing the preferences in your IM program to discontinue chats when certain words come up.

To learn how you can protect your child from potential Internet predators or from receiving inappropriate IMs: MSN Messenger is an IM program imbedded in most recent versions of Microsoft Windows and is also available for downloading online.


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