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Many also contain information about a product or resource that could be beneficial to a teacher or a health and physical education program.The aim of the Alberta Learning Kindergarten to Grade 12 Physical Education Program is to enable individuals to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to lead an active, healthy lifestyle.Taking the formality out of networking also arguably makes it less intimidating and more accessible to the masses – rather than just a confident, privileged few who probably already have important industry connections.

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"We speak to an audience – men included – that believe in empowering women and rooting for equality in all areas of life, especially in business," she told us."Our hope is that by women making the first move, we filter out unwanted and unnecessary conversations that many women have experienced on other professional platforms and we allow them to set the tone and steer the conversation in the way that they see fit," she added.

Bumble Bizz is a new feature that aims to help users make the all-important connections that lead to once-in-a-lifetime professional opportunities.

It's less about job hunting per se and more about forging that magic "spark", which sounds far more exciting than browsing job listings and making Linked In endorsements.

"With Bizz – much like Bumble dating – we want to empower women to have the confidence to make the first move within a professional environment."Age is also less important on Bumble Bizz than it may be elsewhere – profiles don't contain a user's age – making it easier for potential business partners to focus on each other's ability and skillset.

Depending on their industry of work, many younger adults consider Linked In, along with most jobs sites and traditional IRL networking events, to be old-fashioned and uninspiring, so what sets Bumble Bizz apart?


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