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Google Book Search helps readers discover the world's books while helping authors and publishers reach new audiences. 19 I» Lycophron, the tragic poet, author of the Cassandra f By B. Others main- tain that Tyrrhenus was the son of Telephus, and came to Italy after the capture of Troy. 97* dein Gratia lymphis Iratis eistrncta dedit ri* ausque jocosque, Dum' flanima sine thura liquescere limine sacro Persuadere cupit. You can search through the full text of this book on the web at | //books .google .com/I Sunmore Press A ',. ^11 ^/Xo^, el iro^og §tj Xa/3ff jet* is xh^S* ^^ ^^ 7^ ira/trav N^'ig i(ptjg Moutrito Vf pl^ov at /mi uoietg. G* Ni EBUHR •••••^•••••••* •-•^•* •-•••••••• £S A Familiar Exposition of the Doctrine respecting the Trinity •••••• »-••••-••••••••• •••-« • '•-• ••^••••#««* 64 Analysis of the first Mosaic Record •-«•••• • • ^^ • • 73 Biblical Criticism -••••'•••••••••••#•••• •••••• 83 Notice of * Researches on the Tenets and Doctrines of the Jeynes and Boodhists, Sic. But Xanthus the Lydian, who was very well acquainted with ancient history, and is an excellent authority for what relates to his own country, has not mentioned a Lydian prince of the name of Tyrrhenus in any part of his writings ; nor does he appear to have known any thing of a colony of the Mseonians arriving in Italy ; nor has he mentioned Tyrrhenia as a colony of the Lydians, although he has men- tioned matters of less consequence. Namque me silva lupus in Sabina, Dum meam canto Lalagen, — Fugit inermem; and Sat. Popular pages: Izzy M on Hub Pages (japanese cream for scars and cover up) Cinnamon Oil, A Potent Antibacterial Essential Oil (cinnamon oil on penis) Mp3Hun Gama.Com - Download free hindi mp3 songs (rang gora krny k liye kon c cream) Two Simple Remedies to Remove Black Magic (Kaale Jaadu ka ... % The Pelasgi and Tyrrheni, ** But the Pelasgi being masters of much and fertile ground, not only acquired cities, but built others themselves, and pro- spered greatly. Innumerosque gradus, gemina latus arbore clausus, Aerium sibi portat iter. j Al Bout nine years ago an ingenious correspondent, styling himself Philo-Ptolemseus, noticed in the Classical Journal (see No. The omissions are intentional ; but if I have anywhere misrepresented Dionysius's meaning, £ can only say that I have been more fool than knave ; for nothing would have served my purpose better than faithfulness. servido pl'ebes : hos ignis egentes — • We prefer the various reading egenas, Achill. Read ge* nuit quern earula syhis Peliacis mater, Sylv. — Notes on Statins, Silius Italicus, Vale- rius Flaccus, Calpurnius Siculus, and Ausonius ••••••] 73 Godofredus Hermannus de Particula iv. ** These are almost the very words of Myrsilqs the Lesbian, except tliat he calls them not Pelasgi but Tyrrbeni, for a reason which 1 shall mention afterwards." *' When this answer was reported to the peofje, they were unable to uiiderstaud its purport ; an old man, however, told them that the gods bad great c|iuse to complain of (hem, since they had not offered the most valuable part^ the tenth of men* Some approved of this interpretation, others suspected fraud ; but on sending again to consult tlie god, and to know wbethar ihe tenth of men was to be offered, the god made answer in the . Upon this a dissension arose as to the manner of taking the tenth. Sandford's Translation of ' the Homeric Digaroma/ by Dr. When the oracle was consulted, the god answered, that ' although An Inquiry into thf credit du^ to they h$d obtawed ivbst ibey wi^bed, tb^y had aot p«rfornitd what they promised, but still o^ved wbot was of «iost vahie/ For the relasgiy when sufferiog frooi is dearth, had vowed the tepth of all their produce to Jupiter, Apo Uo, aod the Cabin ; but they had ofifered only the teotb of fruits and eatik.

Marks, notations and other maiginalia present in the original volume will appear in this file - a reminder of this book's long journey from the publisher to a library and finally to you. But Cro- ton having long preserved its ancient forms, lately changed its name and inhabitants ; and is now a Roman colony, and called Cothornia. Te quoque • • • • sed, quo- niam vetus exciditira, silebo. Shelf 3 SEMINARY Q(j THE CLASSICAL JOUMNAl Lj FOR SEPTEMBER and DECEMBER 1827. ** The sons of Atys according to him were Lydus and Tory- bus, and they both remained in Asia after the division of their father's kingdom, and the nations which they ruled over were called after them. Fida soror, qusnam hunc belli caligine nobis Congressurn fortuna tulit j Perhaps Statius wrote, belli tn caligine. Teneo, «ternum(|ue tenebo Quantum fasc, diva, manus, [in most, if not in all editions printed absurdly. ••••••• 251 Curae Posteriores ad Dawesii Miscellanea Critica Londini nuperrime excusa : 4 T. Page A Brother of the Poet AIcsus fights under Nebuchadnez- zar. Os^lu LLER - 272 Illuminated Manuscripts .»••• «•••••••••• 278 Classical and Oriental Library and Museum •••••••••• 298 Notice of ' Greek Gradus ; or, Greeks Latin^ and English Prosodial Lexicon ; containing the Interpretation^ in Latin and English^ of all words which occur in the Greek Poets^ from the earliest period to the time of Ptolemy Philadelphus, and also the Quantities of each syllable ; thus combining the advantages of a Lexicon of the Greek Poets and a Greek Gradus : for the use of Schools and Colleges/ By the Rev. By other nations they were called both Tyrrheni and Pelasgi, from the name of the country which tbey had left, and from the remembrance of their ancestry. '' The beginning of these calamities was a drought ; vegeta- tion was destroyed ; the springs were dried up, or rendered unfit for use ; and cattle and women suffered equally : there were abortions or loss of life in delivery both to the offspring and the parent; mutilation and helplessness in those who survived their birth ; diseases and an unusual frequency of death in the com- monalty, and particularly in thosfe who were in the prime of life. Their prosperity however was of shorf continu- ance ; for when it seemed at its height, some of them were destroyed by divine calamities, and some by the neighboring barbarians, but the greatest part was again dispersed in Greece and other countries : to give an accurate account of these would be tedious ; a few remained in Italy, by the kindness of the Aborigines. By reading clausos, we shall improve both the sound and the sense. Dionysius mlikes a florish about his style, and promises that it shall be excellent. We are not quite certain that Markland was justified in displacing the old reading doctus. Perhaps Statius wrote, Nee jam hostes cura, LIIL lb. After the partition treaty between Tisir phone and Megaera, the poet proceeds : Talia partitas diversum'abiere sorores. This said, they both betook them sev'ral ways, * ' Both to destroy, &c.


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