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“I love Jon Benet and she died accidentally,” he said.Unlike Oswald, Karr claims he actually knew something about this killing: “I was with Jon Benet when she died,” he said.The stories began to swirl—the Ramseys were uncooperative with police, the ransom note was a fake, there was no forced entry.On top of all the rumors, investigators knew that in the murder of a child, the parents are always prime suspects.

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But “the intruder theory” still raised many questions: How could an intruder have gotten into the Ramsey home, found his way to Jon Benet’s bedroom, and have killed the little girl in such a violent way—all without the parents hearing a thing?But Smit quickly discovered that he couldn’t believe everything he had heard, or seen.And he began focusing on crime scene evidence that he thought the Boulder P. had been too quick to dismiss — the open window, the garotte, the suitcase, and possible stun gun marks. But taken as a whole, detective Lou Smit said, it was an altogether different story.According to the Justice Department, only one in 12 child murders is committed by a stranger.Hoda Kotb, Dateline correspondent: Right away, the Ramseys were under suspicion.They wouldn’t talk to the police, at least not extensively. So, instantly, people thought “Ah-ha, these people had something to do with it,” right?


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