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Wheelchairs are available at the Information Desk inside the Aquarium.

Wheelchairs are also available at the drop-off point on weekends and holidays.

If you ordered online, you can sign into your account at any time using your email and password to view your information.

This policy was created to ensure a safe and comfortable experience for all guests, and to eliminate a potential risk to guests, staff and/or animals.

Once the greeting is recorded, the caller is allowed into the live chat area (or live connector).

The live connector is where live callers are introduced to other callers greetings, one by one.

A live caller is given the option to hear other members' mailboxes, where they can leave a recorded message to be retrieved by the mailbox owner next time he connects to the system.

Many people confuse phone chat lines with adult hotlines or phone sex lines, so it is worth it to clarify the difference.


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