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She had a special love for her family, children,and clients she worked with over the years. We had separated 8 months prior but still saw and spoke to each other daily.

She left behind a wonderful legacy of caring and total selflessness. - Your sister Michelle Miller, Josh, born 26 June 1979, died 16 June 2012 in Oregon, USAOur Remembrance He was my husband of 6 years and the father to my daughter. I miss him and wish he was here to see the kids grow.

Words cannot express the pain we feel from losing Allyson, sadly this is the closest we ever came to understanding her pain.

Her family and friends are forever changed by her suicide.

May the peace you could not find here with us be over you as you now sleep eternally with our loving Father. Please understand, though we hold no judgment for the path you have taken, your actions have left an indelible mark on us all. We can not undo this tragedy, we can only live our lives with the unknowing of what small part we may have played in it. Billy Don, born 15 October 1984, died 08 August 2008 in Fayetteville, North Carolina USAOur Remembrance Billy was an amazing man with a kind and generous heart.

She was a loving wife, mother, grandmother, (soon to be a great grandmother) friend, sister, and daughter. Schultz, Tracie Denise, born 08 April 1978, died 04 March 2017 in San Antonio, Texas, United States Our Remembrance Tracie Denise Schultz my daughter, the rest of us have aged 10 years, but you will remain 25-years-old *forever. I know you changed your mi d and tried to get help. Momma Rodriguez, Jonathan David, born 03 October 1989, died 05 March 2012 in New York City Our Remembrance My \\"brother from another mother\\" and my best friend. Thornton, Ricky Dean, born , died 18 April 2008 in Oregon Our Remembrance You were my best friend and brother. She only got to know her child for a week before ending her life, I wish she could have stayed longer to see me grow up. Rest in peace, Sheila Moss, Jimmy, born 10 September 1981, died 26 July 2013 in Tennessee Our Remembrance Jimmy was one of the sweetest and nicest guys in the world.You were always an angel here on earth,truly an angel now up in heaven.Partridge, Charles Robin, born 10 June 1976, died 06 February 2011 in Arkansas Our Remembrance What a beautiful handful you were.Stanton IV, John Patrick, born 22 December 1987, died in Ohio, United States Our Remembrance This is my precious nephew, John. You were - no, ARE such a beautiful, kind, talented, and every-good-quality-out-there girl. I try to imagine you cheering me on to give me hope and telling me to keep on going and never give up. I love you so much, Lexi, and it is not only me - it is everyone you knew - KNOW. He had a quirky sense of humor and could make me laugh no matter how I was feeling. Lampman, Cody Aaron, born 4 June 1987, died 22 January 2001 in Michigan USAOur Remembrance A day does not go by that I don\'t think of you.I wish I looked like you, and I was a perfect as you... I know what it's like to fight a battle against yourself..I do. Everyone you know will never ever forget you, because you are such a special and precious part of our lives. I will forever miss you and Love you my dear Sweet Cody.Chiu, Lancy, born , died in California Our Remembrance My dear friend, we were all saddened by the news of your passing on. Abreu, Ryan, born 18 August 1995, died 27 August 2014 in Pembroke PInes, Florida, USAOur Remembrance You were always our sweet angel on Earth; now you are our angel in heaven. Nall, Dennis Broch, born 20 June 1978, died 10 April 2013 in Honolulu, Hawaii Our Remembrance I loved Dennis Broch Nall and lost him to suicide April 10th 2013 at am.


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