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For years starting with 19 (or any other century) the full four digit year needs to be used. However depending on locale Sunday can either be the first day of the starting week or the last day of the ending week.

In the weekday notation this is made explicit by using "0" for Sunday at the start of the week and "7" for Sunday at the end of the week.

Multiple namespaces can be given separated by a "".

The options Show tasklist in sidepane and Position in the window allow you to embed the tasklist in one of the side panes of the window.

By default these are "TODO" and "FIXME" but this can be customized.

If Use date from journal pages is enabled, tasks found in pages that belong to the Journal plugin will get that calendar date as starting date and/or due date. a weekly page) the last day of the period will be taken as the due date while for the start day the first day will be used.

See also: Usage: Daily Journal This plugin has the following options: The option show calendar in side pane instead of dialog does just that; if enabled the calendar widget is embedded at the top of the side pane.This page contains download links and a historical record of release notes for older versions of Protege Desktop.If you're interested in downloading Protege Desktop, please note that the most current version is available for download from the main Protege website.Pages for calendar dates are located under a specific namespace ("Calendar" by default, but this is configurable) which is subdivided by year and by month.Dates for which a page exists are marked in the calendar widget in bold. By default this is done by adding a calendar dialog, but optionally it can also be put in the side pane above the page index.


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