Who is silkk the shocker dating

And thanks to his monumental distribution deal with Priority Records—where he was able to keep 75% of the profits (wholesale price) for every album sold—he made an estimated 0 million dollars (0 million of that in 1998 alone) over the span of his career.In fact, No Limit albums were generating so much income that P never had to tour—which is the way most artists today make their money.His brothers are Percy "Master P" Miller and Corey "C-Murder" Miller. Silkk was featured on Master P's hit "Make 'Em Say Uhh! Silkk's song "It Ain't My Fault" with Mystikal became his trademark song.His debut album The Shocker was released in 1996 under the name Silkk. Silkk was also featured on songs by Mya and Destiny's Child. In 2004 he released the album Based on a True Story.The craziest part about the label’s success was that the sales didn’t come from heavy radio or video airplay—people were just incredibly loyal to the brand.Artists on No Limit had no promotion other than magazine ads and the tank logo and ‘Executive Producer: Master P’ tag on the back of their colorful albums.On the song, Scott raps, "Five-o-four hot boys, minus the bad rap like Silkk the Shocker / But I'mma pull up the silk, to shock her with the silk." This is far from the first reference to Silkk's lack of lyrical capabilities. In fact, the former No Limit rapper has been placed on various "worst rapper of all time" lists for quite awhile. I do see that, but I'm confused on who gave them a chart that says-Look, I sold a lot of records.

The worst rapper stuff, I don't know what makes that.

Production troop Beats By The Pound, the outfit who created the No Limit sound, left the label, and upon their departure, many of No Limit’s blue chip players followed suit.

Lil Romeo became the label’s biggest star, and No Limit’s commercial appeal came to a halt.

He was formerly in a relationship with Mya and has two children.

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