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The following are my reasons for restoring my edits (in some cases slightly reworded to, hopefully, improve clarity): Perhaps your future energy would be more constructively spent on expanding this from a stub to an article instead of making dubious edits to the contributions of others.

Bobanny , 22 November 2006 (UTC) Oh, god: yet another wiki-egotist out of his depth.

I’ll offer a few suggestions: (1) Chanukah is a time when we celebrate Torah study – the wisdom of the Jewish people the Greeks sought to suppress when they forbade Torah study.

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Incidentally, "J-Man" on WP redirects to Joker (comics).

Thus, Greece, as Israel, appreciated wisdom – the sciences, philosophy, drama, art, architecture, etc.

The key difference was that Greece subordinated the spiritual to the physical. They appreciated spirituality and wisdom only in that they afforded man higher pleasures.

Look, people: if you want this fool to ruin an article that was an idiotic and misleading mess before I fixed it, feel free to leave his cretinous alterations in place.

But I do ask that someone kindly takes the trouble to explain to him why the following sentence is not only illiterate, but also fails to mean what he thinks it means: I stand corrected.


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