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I don't know what the ratings were on this drama, and it hardly even matters now...if you get the chance, DO WATCH THIS!!! I didn't expect this to be a good drama, but oh my was I shocked. This is one of those rare finds, a true gem that you'll be glad you took the time to watch.

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One thing that I don't like is that there are some holes in this drama. i love wooshik and uee in here❤❤❤ Lol @grace I've watched just as many dramas and I assure you this drama is good... Im Seul-Ong, he is doing soon, I hope to see him lead a drama. Okay so guys this might be a long review but i cant begin to tell you how good this drama is.

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Ho go just makes you believe that a guy like that might actually exist out in the world, someone who truly cares and would give their life for the child.

You all truly deserve the success you are enjoying at the moment. I spend countless hours listening and watching Marillion. Hogarth, the poet) fall far short of the rich shifting of the voice of a Fish or a Peter Gabriel? Does he blatantly miss out on the high pitch sounds, performing the lyrics like no one?

Looking forward to the release of the RAH on DVD.🌲🥂Thank you, H, Ian, Mark, Pete and Steven for being the best band in the world!!!! Thanks fellas for making it otherwise bleak just a little better. In fact, All I Want for Christmas is Marillion's first trip into Pennsylvania. RAH) Mind and heart still blown..looking forward to all your planned releases, more concerts, next album (in a while😀) thanks for doing what you do in this crazy but thankfully also wonderful world! I'm glad that there will be a new album within the next 5 years! Do they sound like Genesis (in their best phase), Pink Floyd (in the worst phase ever) and prog smaller bands with no imagination at all? Does their sound fully alternates deep full city floods with dark, windy and rainy glades?


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