Updating mygig

If the My Gig looses power at anytime during the install you can forget about the My Gig ever working again!

It is VERY IMPORTANT to read the following instructions before you attempt to install.

When I put a CD into the CD slot, it plays it but does not have a soft key for Copy Disc; it I go to My Files, Import from CD, nothing happens. This HDD feature was working at the old version (5.671) before I updated. OK as far as I know there is no such version as 5.671. Does you Mygig say "RER" under the USB port on the right hand side? When installing the updates did you just install the updates one right after the other without cycling the Can Bus on the Jeep?

That's OK since there is no way to find out now what version you originally had on your My Gig. (This means that once you finished each install and you see the screen that says "Would you like to update from 2.403 to 2.403" and then eject the CD, did you shut the JK off for 10 minutes get out and then get back in and start the next install.) IF you did not reset the Can Bus between each install you will need to start over with the installs.

If I remember correctly, it changes the garmin graphics? I tried this update on my RB2 but nothing happened. Thanks, Willie I read the PDF about what it fixes, I'm more interested in the change to the graphics. The background thats blue on the early ones is black on 2013 units.

updating mygig-88

i Pod charging bug fix that does not require i Pod to disconnect.My Gig versions in the order of release from newest to oldest 2.404 2.403 2.402 2.401 2.302 2.107 2.067 2.045 2.043 2.042 1.295 1.220 9.807 9.715 9.713 9.651 Here a list of all the fixes... 2.403 RER/REW TA (Traffic Announcements) bug fix..uconnect phone list update 2.402 RER/REW released July 2010 I-Phone Bluetooth compatibility fix (You must be running Apple version 4.2.1 or newer on your device as well...) 2.401 RER/REW/REP: Intermittent no sound from audio system when using remote start Radio lock up when using U-Connect Repeated "acquiring signal" message when in satellite radio mode 2.302 RER/REW released July 2010 Updated all logo graphics and use VEH_BRAND and special package for MY11 and beyond 2.107 RER/REW released May 2010 Bug fix for Genre being reported as numerical value Bug fix for flashes in the cluster after a HDD next track operation Bug fix for GPS time lockup Added support for new vehicle message matrix 911 Fully implement audio EQ 11.0 2.043/2.045 RER/REW/REP released October 2009 Added minimize button to hide/show all buttons on the map Implemented PDO release for Nav OPTIONS, both in motion and in static Change of all sub screens after HDD AVAILABLE CATERGORIES to read “EXIT” instead of “CANCEL” Added Pause/Play button to HDD and Disc per PDO Release Diesel Gasoline POI category Pop up to notify user that X tracks were successfully copied out of Y tracks POI redesign New Startup logo and associated changes for “Sterling” vehicle type (DA).Radio provides Voice Recognition to all names in this download.User can manually store individual names to the permanent address book. let it install and then once it's done it will restart.Added more Bluetooth Compatible phones (many new phones including Motorola Q) Human Machine Interface (HMI) improvements Added Alpha jump to HDD lists (select first letter in a list instead of scrolling through list) Moved JB (Juke Box) tab to FAVORITES under HDD New progress icon for downloading music Changed some POI icons on the map (removed yellow background) Added phone book download status icon under UConnect screen. 13- Mygig will bring you back to that same screen you were prompt in step 11.


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