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Our findings suggest that violent attitudes are more important than the endorsement of non-egalitarian beliefs (sexual double standard) in the perpetration of sexual violence.

These findings provide data from Peru, which contribute to the worldwide data on risk factors for sexual aggression in adolescent males.

The scene in the min-iseries is quite accurate in its recreation of the motor court.

The historical marker is located on KCI property at Cookingham Drive and Highway D.

Missouri Highway Patrol Museum, Jefferson City In the shoot-out at the Red Crown Cabins, Bonnie and Clyde left behind six Browning automatic rifles and 47 Colt .45 automatic pistols.

One of those Brownings and stolen Missouri license plates used by Bonnie and Clyde are a part of the display at the Missouri Highway Patrol Museum that includes a shoot-out with the gang in Joplin.

An adjacent museum includes photos of Blanche Barrow as a prisoner.Este estudio explora la relación entre el doble estándar sexual y las actitudes favorables hacia la violación en el riesgo de llevar a cabo un acto de agresión sexual.Se examinó una muestra de adolescentes formada por 448 chicos de Perú, de los cuales 148 (33.3%) informaron haber perpetrado agresión sexual.En concreto, el 24.8% informó haber perpetrado contactos sexuales sin el consentimiento de la víctima, el 14.3% había cometido actos de coerción sexual, el 12.5% intentó llevar a cabo violación y el 10.3% perpetró violación.La víctima más común de este tipo de abusos fueron las parejas ocasionales.Sexual contact with an unwilling partner was perpetrated by 24.8% of the total sample, sexual coercion by 14.3%, attempted rape by 12.5%, and finally, rape was perpetrated by 10.3%.


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