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Cooks will often empty the entire sack of crawfish into the pot, perhaps after a cursory wash.

Others will first empty the sack of live crawfish into a tub of water for a more thorough wash.

Yet, the practice of commercial depuration is not widely used in the high volume crawfish industry in Louisiana because of time and cost.

The efficacy of a short-term saltwater bath in reducing the contents of the gastrointestinal tract has not been thoroughly tested.

Climate change projections indicate that total rainfall will increase in winter in the UK and, although total summer rainfall is expected to decrease, models are predicting that there will be a five-fold increase in high intensity rainfall events in summertime by 2100.

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This practice is based largely on hearsay or tradition, often passed down from generations.Another to million is generated from the wild crawfish fishery.Most of the crawfish are sold live for consumption with less than 20 percent processed and packaged.Rice farmers of the early 1900s noticed that populations of crawfish naturally inhabited their fields during the flooded stage of production.Therefore, they began to experiment with harvesting techniques and water management practices to capitalize on the increased demand for crawfish.In the spring, coinciding with peak production months, home consumption of crawfish often occurs in outdoor venues.


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