Over accommodating mother

While legacy news organizations have had some working mothers and (sometimes less than ideal) family leave policies for many decades, for a certain set of younger digital news organizations, this is all unfolding in real time.What happens when the people who took blogging mainstream in the mid-2000s, and who now hold demanding jobs in national news, start to have babies?

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How both legacy organizations, hungry for journalists with 21-century skills, and startups with nascent HR policies handle this may determine how diverse news leadership and coverage is for decades to come.

I was to be the first person on this digital team to be a parent.

I’d spent my 20s deftly climbing the career ladder in digital journalism, reaching senior management positions at a young age.

I had a loving and supportive husband, who was happy to go down a less intense career path while I was the breadwinner.

I presumed after our son was born I would take 12 weeks of maternity leave and keep charging ahead in journalism. There were the joyous moments—the discovery that listening to Stevie Wonder at full blast seemed to make Asher stop crying, and his love of making eye contact and cuddling.


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