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Investigations into Paul Manafort, meanwhile, are looking at his activities in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian connection in the Trump affair is under increasing scrutiny.

The charges were, he said, politically motivated and later dropped.

Depriving him of his citizenship now, he maintains, is an act of vindictiveness by President Poroshenko.

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Knowingly, as a tactic to outrage the world and get focus on Ukraine. And now Ukraine is late in paying him.” No evidence has been presented that Mr Manafort was responsible for deaths and Andrea Manafort has refused to comment on the texts.

It is Mr Manafort who is most immediately in the firing line with his work as Mr Trump’s campaign manager as well as that of Viktor Yanukovych, Ukraine’s pro-Moscow President who was overthrown in the revolution of four years ago and fled to Russia, being examined.

It has been revealed that Mr Manafort was secretly wiretapped by the FBI and has been told by prosecutors that he may face indictment over alleged violations of tax laws, money laundering, and lobbying for a foreign power.

A hearing took place last week in Kiev on Andrii Artemenko’s efforts to have his citizenship restored.

A day later John Bolton, the former American envoy to the UN, and a staunch Donald Trump supporter, told an international conference in the city that he expected some of the people around the US President to go to prison.


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