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In short, imprinters make sense if you rarely take payments or are in some kind of temporary location.However, if you need to process a large volume of transactions, it's probably not worth the increased risk and additional administrative work.You can generally get an imprinting machine for free, or for a small fee, from the bank where you opened your merchant account.Imprinters are an easy and inexpensive way to collect information on-site.

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If you want to take online payments, make sure your merchant account allows them and has the capability to integrate payment processing with your website.Imprinters, those little plastic swipe machines that carbon copy the credit card, make quick imprints of the credit card information for you to process later.The downside is that, if a card is declined, you won't find out until long after the payer is gone, and you might have to work to track them down.Any method will require some vigilance, such as making sure payment hardware and software is secured, but some will be more security-intensive than others.For instance, using a card imprinter (described below) will require that you document and enforce procedures for handling and subsequently destroying imprinter slips, whereas using a terminal or online payment method will require fewer security measures because your payment service provider will be handling the credit card information directly."Violating the PCI requirements can result in a substantial fine and the loss of your ability to accept credit card payments.However, you still need to process the charges later using one of the other methods, and there's a substantial risk inherent in carrying imprinting slips around, because you're essentially carrying a stack of credit cards.


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