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A week later I saw on my bank statement that I has been charged for a month subscription.I did not apply for a month subscription and had cancelled my 'free' account but yet they charged me.Currently they do a 3 day trial for a few pounds, where you can cancel within 3 days - they have charged me a month extra even though I clearly cancelled within the trial period. Read Full Review Loopy Love thrives on the vanity and gullibility of the lonely and unloved. Read Full Review Its a trap - they will pillage your account!It entices one into its web by bombardments of messages from supposedly genuine people, who in the main are girls young enough to be ones' daughter and attractive enough to be in the glossy magazines, however, to reply to these supposed messages, one has to pay a premium, which once one has done so and replied to these girls, an answer never comes. - please take my word for it that this site will rip you off.They say they will e mail you a 4 digit code within 2 hours to enter so you can cancel your subscription completely, but they never email it to you, I went through the process nearly 40 times to try and cancel same.They are still taking money from me, of course there is no phone number to contact them either…

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Eg click on '1 star' to just display the reviews we have which received a 1 star rating click or 'Within the last month' to display just reviews posted over the last month.I then sent them a message on their feedback form requesting that they cancel my rebilling and delete my account immediately. Read Full Review Written on: 19/06/2012 i want to cancel my member ship what i was supose to sign up to and im not ive had £50 taken out my account from loopylove and i never gave them my bank details its nothin but just a big con so i want my money back plus my bank details cancelled aswell ok im not very happy ive been robed sort it out THANK YOU.The three day trial that cost 2.99 is actually a contractual agreement to enter into a subscription of 24.99, unless you cancel within you three day trial period.Stay away from this site, it is the worst dating site I have ventured on.I'm not writing this in relation to any success on this site to get dates, I am just wanting to state facts as I should have read up on similar reviews to these.This time round, aside from the fact there are very few active users to interact with, they've been taking money out of my account.


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