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Supplements that contain L-arginine–the amino acid, also help improve nitric oxide levels.

In a report, which was published in the issue of the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology in January 2008, it was revealed that taking 3 grams of L-Arginine per day for one week experienced increase in nitric oxide levels compared to those taking a placebo.

Ginseng is quite popular herb and because of it markets have plenty of fake products available.

So be sure to buy only Korean red Ginseng (panax) and not any alternatives.

The best part is foods rich in nitrates are easy to find and consume.

Dark chocolate has a great impact on blood pressure levels.

Drinking 1.7 oz of pomegranate juice whoppingly reduces IMT around 35% and improve cardio artery blood flow to about 44%.“IMT is the thickness between inner and middle layers of the artery”.

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One of the supplements that include L-arginine is Xtreme No natural muscle enhancer. It is even known for lowering blood pressure, improving cholesterol levels and in some patients clears out plaque.In a study done on senior men, it has been shown that taking 5 grams of citrulline supplement daily improves the stiffness of arteries.In other study in the following year, it was verified that citrulline supplements show promising results in erectile dysfunction patients.When these nitrites reach the gut, it converts these nitrites into nitric oxide.This phenomenon certainly increases the nitric oxide levels in your body depending on the amount of nitrate rich foods you eat.These nitrate rich foods help increase the Nitric oxide levels in man even he is suffering from significant atherosclerosis.


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