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For example: "I'm sorry to hear about the death of your brother. Closing a letter all depends on how well you know someone.To lose someone at such an early age is such a loss to everyone, even those who would have known him in the future. And it really sucks that the drunk who hit your brother lived and he died. Many use "Love." But today that word doesn't really express true feelings and in some cases can cause misunderstandings.Are we lacking dictionaries and thesaurus in our lives?If you're a younger person and say a friend of yours was killed in a car accident or some other tragedy, please do not verbally or in writing use the hip language you normally say at a time like this.So people often replace love with a lighter "Luv" as it's not too emotional as LOVE!Or they will use "Warmly" or "Fondly" or "Affectionately" or even "Consider yourself kissed goodnight" or "Imagine being Kissed on the Cheek Right Now." Birthdays are one of those days that are always personal to the one celebrating.It's also important to take into account *why* are you sending this birthday greeting. Do you feel obligated because it's a relative or co-worker? But the best advice in writing someone a note on their birthday, no matter how close you know them or not, is to try to make them feel that they are special, unique and one-of-a-kind. Unless you both have the same birthday, in their eyes they feel really are special! But in your case, your mind is as sharp as ever and I've always enjoyed hearing your view points, which get even better each year.

Put down, "Dear Jelly Bean" or "Hi There Soccer Mom." I decided to send you this "Vanille Cafe" perfume by Comptoir Sud Pacficque because the smell reminded me of all the times we sat at Starbucks where I talked and you listened to all my troubles. You could send an article about an old classmate or something and simply say, I hear you've had big problems shaking the Flu bug this year?

If they've just gotten a promotion at work, it's double fun.

If, however, they've just had a close death in their family, they may not be in the mood for a silly birthday card or remarks about getting old and dying.

Instead write something you'd normally say if you standing at her side such as: "You just can't beat the smell of newborns to bring a smile to your face.

I'm so thrilled about the birth of _______ (name of baby).


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