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Some people might say that it's wrong or that you shouldn't masturbate, but it's a normal part of life and not something to be ashamed of. Some penises are straight and some might be curved slightly. Sometimes watching porn can start to change the way people see real life. Some of the men in porn have had penis enlargements – this is an operation to make their penis bigger.

Some people masturbate a lot and some people hardly do it at all. It's normal to have urges or want to masturbate often when you're going through puberty. In real life, most males have much smaller penises than the actors in porn.

When this happens, you should change the blade or get a new razor. But as you get older you may have to start shaving more often.

An erection is when your penis goes hard and stiff.

But it's important to make sure this doesn't lead to anything that makes someone else feel uncomfortable.

For example, masturbating in public when other people are around is not acceptable.

This usually happens when you're thinking about sex or someone you fancy.

It's normal for an erect penis to be slightly bent or curved and this is nothing to worry about.

It's normal to feel low or angry sometimes when you're going through puberty. You can make yourself orgasm or 'come' by doing this.This may seem embarrassing but it happens to most boys. A wet dream is when you ejaculate ('come' or 'cum') and release sperm (male reproductive cells) in your sleep.It's normal to have sexual thoughts and feelings, especially during puberty when your body is changing.You can do this by washing your face before you shave.The blade on your razor will eventually become blunt.Think about if you feel uncomfortable with how often you do it. You could try masturbating slightly less each week until you are only doing it as much as you feel comfortable with.


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