Dating hungarian cardiff

This statue, erected in 1885, was originally meant to be much larger, but the funds couldn’t be raised.All the same, it’s still a magnificent depiction by the Hungarian sculptor Joseph Edgar Boehm, the same man who famously sculpted the head of Queen Victoria for her Jubilee coin.This is one of the most famous statues in the world (it even has its own music-hall song—“I Live in Trafalgar Square” by Morny Cash).But visitors to London are probably better acquainted with the location—pigeon-strewn Trafalgar Square, home to four bronze lions and a controversial fourth plinth—than the statue itself.

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Probably simply because of the length of her reign (over 63 years), Queen Victoria is far and away the most familiar royal face in stone.

For fans of the duo, there’s also a statue to Ernie in Leeds, but it looks absolutely nothing like him.

In recognition of all those who moved to Wales during the late 1800s, this bronze statue of a couple and their Great Dane depicts not one person but an entire immigrant community—the woman, obviously of Caribbean origin, is reaching out to sea.

(the dragon) to the Spanish, stands on a tall plinth overlooking Plymouth Hoe with the city centre behind.

With sword to hand and positioned alongside a globe, we’re left in no doubt of Drake’s job—circumnavigator of the globe.


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