Mandating community service

Community Service individuals assist employees with the daily duties at the shelter, such as cleaning enclosures, washing dishes, shredding newspaper, folding laundry, and other duties as assigned.Individuals 14 years and up are eligible to participate.SEAN CASEY ANIMAL RESCUE IS A 501(c)(3) NON-PROFIT, NO-KILL SHELTER Specializing in the rescue, rehabilitation and placement of dogs, cats, reptiles, birds and small mammals.*Proudly Serving New York City’s Homeless Animals since 1998.SCAR COMMUNITY SERVICE APPLICATION – KENNEL ATTENDANT SERVICE PROJECT 1 COMMUNITY SERVICE PROJECT 1 – KENNEL ATTENDANT AGREEMENT COMMUNITY SERVICE INFORMATION Sean Casey Animal Rescue’s, a 501(c)3 tax exempt nonprofit (IRS Tax ID# 35-2244558,) Community Service program is provided for individuals who are completing community service for school, work, court, or a club.Community Service opportunities are available 7 days a week, including holidays.All individuals must complete all forms & arrange for an interview to be accepted into the SCAR-CSP.

This is advice to help you get started as quickly as possible and have you finished as soon as possible.

Volunteering with nonprofit organizations with religious affiliations, such as Habitat for Humanity or the Boy Scouts of America, is usually permitted, but check with your probation officer, your court liaison, a teacher at your school, or whomever has assigned you with community service to make sure.

Note that you do not have to express any religious affiliation or a belief in God to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity, but you DO have to express a belief in God in order to volunteer for the Boy Scouts (and note that you do NOT have to profess any religious faith to volunteer with the Girl Scouts of the USA).

PLEASE NOTE: All individuals that have been court-ordered to perform community service of five (5) or more hours must provide documentation verifying the type of offense when you submit your paperwork.

We allow a variety of offenses including DUIs, traffic violations, loitering, and various misdemeanors, at the discretion of Sean Casey Animal Rescue.


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