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I was excited to have the Walsh's and Julie see Grace Lake which is the most beautiful of the Killarney lakes from my experience.We arrived on Grace and quickly set off for site 179 which was completely vacant.David and Marg as well were very capable portagers. We happily made it through this portage which would be our longest of the trip.We camped out at site 142 which is a beautiful site on a point which separates Carmichael Lake from Nellie Lake.We gathered our gear and set off south on Hwy 6 to Widgawa Lodge.This was going to be our put in location for Grace Lake.I love the outdoors and living an active and healthy lifestyle.My favourite thing in the world is being with my friends and family in some back-country region of Ontario and having the entire location to ourselves.

We quickly loaded up the gear and set off down the little river that leaves Widgawa lodge and empties into Charlton Lake.They comforted us by saying that the reverse route was much worse than the way we were going.This made me feel a bit better since David had read the opposite in a book by Hap Wilson.We had a nice tail wind so before long we were passing the little village of Willisville which has a small marina and then we were onto Frood Lake.Frood Lake had a number of pretty sections that were full of lilly pads. After canoeing for 2 hours we made it to the portage point into Grace Lake by about noon.So we decided to have lunch in order to build up our strength for the 1 3/4 km portage. They had been camping on Grace Lake and mentioned that there was noone left when they left which was a good sign and meant that we had a good shot at getting site 179 (my favourite on Grace).


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