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Ash is always a white/gray color and smoke is a thick creamy white.

My live in room note adviser (AKA my wife) says the room notes are very tolerable, and she like the smell.

So flavorful was this tobacco that it's reception in England was overwhelming. Like Mother's comfort food, Samuel Gawith's FVF satisfies us because it is simple, and simply, good.

Demand skyrocketed from a little known or used product to a popular pastime. You don't have to put this brand in a cellar for 20 years to enjoy it, or search the far corners of the earth to find it, or pay dearly to buy it.

I usually do 2 or 3 charring lights depending on the moisture. I spent summers on my grandmothers farm (mentioned briefly above) and that taste is unmistakable.

It is a proper example of how long a tobacco should burn, which is a long time for FVF!Do we reallly need another review of this excellent tobacco?I say yes, because previous reviews are misleading.Just open a tin, rub out the delicate flakes, pack your pipe, and relax. I like this stuff a lot, and I now recognize that it is a very important component of SMM, and that blends without a proper Virginia component do not appeal to me. Add Latakia for it's wonderful smokiness, & Orientals for some complexity and viola: Perfection in a tin!Easier said than done perhaps, but we are closing in.And for those upset about "quality control" when broken flakes are found in their tins (I fail to grasp the import) a 500g box is a thing of beauty to open.


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