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So subsequently the Last Word posed a second question.

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I understand it's less common in men than women – presumably this is down to footwear choices?

I visited before 4pm on 15th Dec, I saw 17 girls (not including staff) in the bar. Upper floor, and Karaoke room will open within 1 month. The bar opened from 2pm - 8pm See Facebook Page (with an incorrect location shown on the map). I suppose it's the High Season there is more pressure for drinks every where and I do enjoy a bit of argy bargy.

My friend Paul wanted to go back to Wildcats on Thursday, so we popped in and sat at the back. After a long while I revisited The Lighthouse A-Go Go on Walking Street.

His Birds soon appeared, my Bird was dancing on the Stage. There are still two rectangular low central stages with five about 1.80-metre-high chrome poles each.

One of his birds calls her friend over to sit with me. When she did come back, the Mamasang was back asking me to buy her Tequila. The bench seating is still as cramped and I had to sit between two drink tables.


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