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By as much as a 5-1 margin, Matt Forsyth, Elisa Stone and Ron James will take a seat at the City Council in January.

It was a particularly interesting election given that voters had to write-in their names.

Several who made last minute runs will hopefully keep themselves informed on what is happening in Medicine Lodge.

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No information was available until mid-morning on Wednesday and my phone was blowing up.Someone died and it tarnishes the respect we need to have for law enforcement.Dont take this as being insensitive, but weve sort of forgotten that this all started with a person who became drunk, went and got a shotgun, and made threats.Please dont think in any way that I support use of force as the only option in dealing with Mr.Myers, but be careful believing 100% of what a lawyer wants you to know in the very early stages of an investigation, especially when you know hes preparing a multi-million-dollar lawsuit against our county and that will line his pockets. The attorney wasnt there and as far as I know, most of you were not there either.It also cost our county a good deal of money investigating it.


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