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But jings crivens me lads, put on the headphones and you're a blind man sitting in Twickenham on 3rd Jan 1969, overcoat wrapped round you to keep out the cold, listening to THEM playing.John is over there, and Paul over there, you can hear someone reading a newspaper over there, and George is talking to someone just over there...Long story short, On just this one day, Jan 3 1969, the A-camera and B-camera were using "seperate audio feeds", meaning that when the 2 cameras were running simultaneously, they each picked up different aspects of the sound in the room.Yellow Dog has taken all of the available material from both the A and B rolls that were running concurrently, and matched them together, creating a "binaural stereo" effect. It really is too bad that there is no material from later days at Twick that could be given the same treatment, as the cameras began using the same audio feed the following day, and throughout the rest of the sessions at Twickenham.While the music here isn't the most enjoyable or creative from these sessions, it IS unique, in that it's probably the closest we'll ever get to hearing these rehearsals as they actually sounded to those who were present.But this is definitely worth seeking out if you are a Get Back fan, though you probably won't be listening to it very often. Most of the tunes are short and also have quite a bit of tuning on them so they become really really short once listening.While Martin is just one of several men considered to be the “fifth Beatle”, his iconic work literally speaks for itself.The title of the fifth Beatle has been thrown around a lot over the years, People like original drummer Pete Best, manager Brian Epstein or publicist Derek Taylor have all been given that honor, but I think nobody is as deserving of the title as George Martin, Martin was the producer composer and arranger for most of the Beatles career and his contributions are directly responsible for some of the band’s most iconic songs.

- this is a recording of the ambient sound at Twickenham during that one short day and, when heard on headphones (particularly with eyes closed, and particularly if you've seen Let It Be), you are there. And for that alone, this recording cannot be underrated.

A resounding 11 out of 10 for being, in that respect, more than perfect. Forget the music, soak up the sensation of being there. No, you won't listen to it often but, when you do, you'll go back in time 40-odd years...

I will agree that this is a wonderful CD for its sonic properties.

Located in Paris, the capital of France, the tower reaches a height of 1069 feet and a square area of 328 feet.

It is truly a sight to see, but for those who are unable to visit this testament to engineering prowess, there are three cameras which cover the tower for you to view.


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