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AGRU’s PE piping system will supply the depots with water for fire fighting.In these stations, all trains are parked when they are not in use or maintained.Modified PE 100, which until recently was only used for special, customer-specific applications, is now used throughout the entire AGRULINE product range.The main technical advantage of PE 100-RC is that it is significantly more resistant to slow crack growth.This saves costs during installation, improves safety, and extends the service life of the entire piping system.In a comprehensive series of tests, the renowned HESSEL Ingenieurtechnik Gmb H test institute impressively demonstrated that the service life of PE 100-RC E-couplers is many times longer than that of PE 100 E-couplers currently available on the market.

Then, the first 52 km of the „Red Line“ - a metro that goes partly underground, partly on elevated viaducts - has been finished.

If proper equipment is available, the installation is fast and safe.

The AGRU Sure FIT liner is produced as a round pipe, and folded while still warm into a U-shape.

Additionally, BMC Gulf was asked to supply the appropriate welding machines and to take care of the project supervision at the construction site.

Fully automated CNC machines with data recording from WIDOS were selected. to DVGW standard GW 330) from the SKZ Training Centre UAE were employed.


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