Dating with no dough royal crown revue

I never know which mask or costume he will be hiding behind, but spotting him and snagging a photo together has become a convention tradition of mine.With my obligatory photo opportunity mission complete, I was off to cover more convention ground and spread some Horror Honeys fear-- I mean cheer-- with promotional goodies in exchange for RAWRs.

My first stop was one that has become a must at every Monsterpalooza and Son of Monsterpalooza event.Keeping my eyes open wide as I peered down every hall and around every corner, I caught sight of a grin that never faded from my memories of being an angsty outcast of a teenager and repetitively watching Carrie (1976).William Katt, who played horror's sweetest prom date "Tommy Ross," stood up with that "aw, shucks" grin as I greeted him.As I was prepared to collapse, I came across the dudes at the Cult Classics booth who advertise ten-dollar zombie portraits each year.Seeing as that was the last of the dough I had to throw away, why not?Saturday may have ended on a note that couldn't be topped, but the mayhem wasn't over just yet as I rushed back to sunny spider-infested Burbank the following morning for another daily dose of monster madness.


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