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There are more than 2,000 packages for Emacs, and more are written all the time.You can easily extend your Emacs with new packages from GNU ELPA, MELPA and Marmelade repositories.You can easily move through and edit paragraphs, sentences, words, and logical blocks; blaze through text using powerful search tools; and easily edit thousands of lines at once using regular expressions, keyboard macros and more.Emacs can be customized in every conceivable way, including its looks.Perform these actions only while your vehicle is not in operation. Use of this device while driving may cause distraction, which could result in personal injury or death. Drivers should exercise caution and devote full attention to operation of the vehicle at all times, including any time Zero Touch is in use. Drivers under age 25 are more susceptible to distractions while driving, which could result in personal injury or death.These drivers must use extreme caution while operating Zero Touch, if they choose to use Zero Touch at all. State and local laws and regulations may limit or prohibit use of Zero Touch or other voice-operated technology while driving.Emacs is included in Mac OS X, so you can just use, type and you're ready to roll. Get used to it, because there's more where that came from.It's an old version though, and it's recommended that you use the latest stable version. This interactive tutorial will teach you the basics on how to move around and edit text.

You can use Emacs for all of your text processing needs, internet and social network interactions, hacking, coding, managing to-do's and organizing your daily schedule, playing Tetris, and many other awesome things.helps you to keep notes, maintain TODO lists, plan projects and author documents.You can use your Org documents to create HTML websites like this one or export to La Te X, Beamer, Open Documents and many other formats.Because of the powerful Lisp core, Emacs is easy to extend to add support for new languages if the urge strikes you.You get lots of features out of the box, including syntax highlighting, automatic indentation, REPL support, debugging, code browsing, version control integration and much more.For example, novice drivers and school bus drivers are prohibited from using a cell phone and/or texting while driving in most jurisdictions, and may also be prohibited from using Zero Touch or other voice-operated technology. Used by permission and protected by the Copyright Laws of the United States.


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